IT SMM Manager

With the expansion of the marketing team, Apriorit is looking for a creative and ambitious SMM manager to help us in implementing marketing strategy on social media channels.

Skills needed:

  • 1+ year in IT social media marketing
  • hands-on experience in targeting and retargeting
  • SMM content plan creation
  • understanding the specifics of audiences and channels for B2B
  • excellent English writing skills (upper intermediate)
  • strong analytical skills
  • self-organized person able to meet deadlines
  • team-focused, with great communication skills

Is a plus:

  • deep understanding of B2B audiences and channels;
  • experience with Quora, Medium, Reddit and other alternative platforms for promotion


  • plan and launch different types of ad campaigns on Linkedin and Twitter;
  • create and implement a monthly content plan;
  • research and suggest new approaches and formats for content plan and ad campaigns optimization;
  • adapt content to suit different channels;
  • undertake audience research to reach targeted audience;
  • manage a budget for social media activities;
  • improve SMM strategy by monitoring, analyzing and preparing reports using analytics tools (ad managers, Google Analytics);
  • conduct competitors research, explore the latest digital trends to develop SMM strategy;
  • increase the number of followers on social platforms;

We offer:

  • The opportunity to work with complex but interesting IT topics
  • The initiative and desire to improve the marketing strategy for the successful achievement of the company’s business goals is highly appreciated and will be supported by your colleagues
  • Pleasant and friendly atmosphere
  • Self-development support and access to unique marketing training materials
  • Competitive salary and compensation package
  • Social package including paid vacation and sick leaves
  • Flexible work schedule

About us

Apriorit is a software development company which for more than 19 years successfully provides custom software development services for companies worldwide – from ambitious startups to Fortune 500 giants.

As a marketing team, we are responsible for attraction and retaining the attention of tech-savvy who are interested in our expertise and services. If you are not afraid of technical terms, know the basics of SMM, have worked with advertising platforms on social networks and have long wanted to try your hand at IT marketing, we will be happy to invite you to join our team!

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